Collier County Brushfire Emergency

March & April 2017

Friday, April 21 – 9:20 PM

Our church office (Vanderbilt & Collier, 7550 Mission Hills Drive, Ste. 314) will open again tomorrow morning at 8:00 am and we are in need of breakfast items such as muffins, breakfast sandwiches, etc. Please be advised that it needs to be individually wrapped items, or dished made by restaurants.

We are so grateful for everyone’s help today and will continue to monitor the situation overnight and post updates as needed. As of right now the fire has grown to 4800 acres and is only 10% contained.

We have also learned of several families that lost their homes, so if you would like to help financially, please consider donating to our Emergency Relief Fund.

Our office at Vanderbilt & Collier (7550 Mission Hills Drive, Ste. 314)

Friday, April 21 – 6:30 PM

Thank you everyone for the amazing response. We have lots of water as well as hot sandwiches and pizzas right now. We still need Gatorade, small, packed snack items like muffins and chips as well as cough drops, baby wipes and Advil.

We have also learned of several families that lost their homes, so if you would like to help financially, please consider donating to our Emergency Relief Fund.

Our office at Vanderbilt & Collier (7550 Mission Hills Drive, Ste. 314) will be open until 8:30 pm.

Friday, April 21 – 2:30 PM

Our emergency response to the brushfires is back in full swing. Our church office at Collier Blvd. & Vanderbilt Beach Road (Mission Hills Drive, Ste. 314, Naples 34119) is open to receive donations such as Water, Gatorade, Small snacks (like chips), Fruit (Bananas & Apples), Advil & Tylenol, Candy Bars & Energy Bars as well as sunscreen.

If you are a church member and are in need of assistance, please call the church office at (239) 349-7400.

If you would like to help financially, please consider donating to our Emergency Relief Fund

Friday, April 21 – 9:45 AM

As you have probably heard by now our county is once again dealing with brushfire emergencies. We have been in touch with emergency management and Living Word Family Church is currently on standby to assist the county and fire-fighters in any way possible.

Please check our social media outlets as well as our website regularly for further updates throughout the day.

In the meantime please:

  • pray for our emergency crews and the families affected and displaced by the fire

  • pray for rain so this drought comes to an end

  • be prepared to assist in any outreach LWFC might organize to help our community.

Thursday, April 20 – 9:00 PM

Parts of Collier County once again under a Fire Emergency

We have just received word that parts of Golden Gate Estates are dealing with large brush fires that are quickly growing. Firefighters are once again battling the flames and are doing their best to avoid loss of property and life.
As the situation unfolds we are in contact with emergency management and will pass on any needs to you through this website as well as our Facebook Page.
Here is the story of Laurence & Peggy LeBuff – if you would like to help families like the LeBuffs get back on their feet, consider contributing to our tax-deductible “Disaster Relief Fund”. Click here to contribute

Thursday, March 9 – 12:30 PM

Disaster Relief Continues

As we are getting word about the great progress the firefighters have made in containing the massive brushfire (currently 50% contained) we also understand that the road ahead might still be long. We have been informed by emergency management that they are currently stocked up with all the supplies they need but we know this can change quickly.
Our main focus of our help currently consists of:
  • Collecting non-perishable items such as Water, Gatorade, individually wrapped pain medication (Advil, Aleve, Tylenol) and Wipes.
  • Collecting donations to help displaced families (like the LeBuff Family) through our special “Disaster Relief Fund” (use link below to donate)
We will stay in contact with emergency management and will pass on any further needs to you through this website as well as our Facebook Page.

Click here to contribute

Wednesday, March 8 – 5:30 PM

Pastor Paul Foslien: “Let’s be the 12th man”

Watch this short update by Senior Pastor Paul Foslien on the fire relief efforts by the congregation of Living Word Family Church.
We made it easy to help. Just click the link below to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund

Click here to contribute

Wednesday, March 8 – 12:45 PM

Just launched: Disaster Relief Fund

Whether it’s a natural disaster like forest fires and hurricanes or other emergencies – we believe in stepping up and helping our community.
Living Word Family Church has created a designated fund to help families that are displaced, have lost their homes and need essentials such as food and household items.
This is a tax-deductible contribution.

Click here to contribute

Wednesday, March 8 – 11:50 AM

The Community comes together

We want to take a moment to thank the many of you who have stepped up to help in so many ways. It’s so incredible to see the hearts of all of you to help. The biggest need right now are non-perishable food items, store-bought meals that last a few days; as well as Advil, Aleve and baby-wipes. 

Companies are stepping up:

Due to the generosity of our LWFC family, other businesses have been inspired to step up and help as well. We want to take a moment and thank them here:
  • Subway has donated 100 sub sandwiches
  • Fuzzy’s Taco has donated over 30 tacos and nachos
  • Pelican Larry’s has donated close to 100 wraps
  • Audi and Acura of Naples have donated multiple cases of water
  • WalMart donated an entire palette of water

These are just a few and more are coming in.

Wednesday, March 8 – 8:00 AM

Another day brings more needs

As morning breaks and firefighters still battle the 6,000 acres wildfire, we once again have the opportunity to be a blessing to them. Please pray for them and lift them up and speak protection and strength over them.  
We will continue to deliver food and drinks to them today and our church admin offices (Corner of Vanderbilt and Collier Blvd.) will open at 9:00 to receive donations.

Help needed today:

  • Help at our office to receive and organize donations
  • Help with delivering donations to the staging grounds
  • Purchase items listed below

There are more projects in the work and we will post updates here.

Tuesday, March 7 – 9:15 PM

LWFC is showing up as the “12th man” to help local fire fighters

Our firefighters and first responders are working amazingly hard and long hours to fight the massive and expanding brushfire in East and South Naples. The members of Living Word Family Church responded to their needs and stepped up in amazing ways. Since this morning wave after wave of donations (water, gatorade, sandwiches, etc.) came into the church office and we were able to deliver a total of 7 loads full of supplies.
Pastor Paul spoke on the “12th man” in the last few weeks and how important it is for us to step up to support our community. Just like fans of a football team fanatically support their team – so should we be passionate about supporting our community.
This is our chance to once again impact people around us in amazing ways – and you have. On behalf of Pastor Paul and Maria, along with the staff of LWFC we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already helped.

Update on the fire:

As of this moment we have learned that the fire has reached a size of over 7,000 acres with 30% containment. 

We will continue to support our crews tomorrow and will receive donations at our church office (7550 Mission Hills Drive, Ste. 314, near the Winn-Dixie at 951 and Vanderbilt) starting at 9:00 am.

Items needed:

  • Sandwiches and other wrapped food items (must be store-bought and not homemade)
  • Apples and Oranges
  • Small bags of chips
  • Water and Gatorade
  • Hand wipes
  • Granola Bars
  • Small bags of nuts
  • Individually wrapped cookies
  • Individually wrapped Advil, Motrin, Benadryl and Cough Drops

We are on standby throughout the night to provide further support to our fire departments and emergency agencies if the need arises.

Check back here as well as on our church Facebook page for further updates.

Tuesday, March 7 – 3:00 PM

LWFC is collecting Sandwiches and Gatorade for Firefighters.

Our firefighters need our help right now! Buy any of the items listed and drop them off at our church office (7550 Mission Hills Drive. Ste. 314) before 6:00 PM. The crews are in need of food and Gatorade. Please note that items need to be store-bought. No homemade food items can be accepted.

How you can help:

Pray for the fire to cease and for strength and protection for all emergency personnel. 

Buy wrapped food such as:

  • Sandwiches 
  • Fried chicken
  • Apples
  • Small bags of chips
  • Water and Gatorade

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