Experiencing Life Together

Sign-ups for the next semester of Connect Groups coming soon

Connect groups are one of the best ways to get to know other people at NaplesChurch through discussion, common interests and activities.We believe it is God’s will for you to walk a Christ–centered life. In connect groups, you will encounter life-changing discussion and time shared with others that will build you up in your walk with God. Connect groups meet in a variety of locations and at different times throughout the week. We have groups for men, women, couples, and more. We are sure that you will find a group that is just what you are looking for.Discover the difference connect groups can make in your life. 
If you have any questions, email us here or call the church office (239) 348-7400.

A – Fort Myers Area
B – Estates Area
C – North Naples Area
D – Naples Park Area
E – East Naples Area
F – Old Naples Area
G – Central Naples Area
H – Ave Maria