Faith – Peeling the Orange

Where does Faith begin? As a mother and her son are walking along a sidewalk, a man approaches them and asks if he may give an orange to the young boy. After the mother agrees, the boy excitedly receives the piece of fruit…

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Claim Your Authority

Even as a Christian, you will yield to the nature of sin if you don’t make an effort every day to walk in the spirit of life. However, as a Christian, we do not have to yield to our sinful nature and desires, nor do we have to submit to what Satan dictates on this earth.

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Paid in Full

We cannot “do” anything to change our DNA; it is what gets restored/changed through grace. Our God-connection was lost when Adam and Eve sinned — a sinful nature replaced God’s nature.

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Like Father, Like Son

Recognizing the Christian’s DNA – We should reflect our Father. God created us to look and act like him! The devil hates us because we are the reflection and image of God!

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You Are A Glass

On a daily basis, each of us makes choices about what we let into this glass. Becoming a Christian doesn’t guarantee spirituality because you may not have allowed the Holy Spirit to guide the life that you have been living.

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When we are not healthy and only focus on the current situation, our view of reality is out of focus. We begin to exaggerate, making things bigger than they are. We need to refocus…

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Can I Lose My Salvation?

The book of Hebrews warns Christians about the security of their salvation. Since this book is written to Christians, why would the word of God warn us about falling away if that was not a possibility?

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The Holy Spirit

In order to grow as a believer, it is important to understand the role of the Holy Spirit. To be effective in walking a Christ-Centered Life, we must adjust our lives to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in, for, and through us. 

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Pray Always

Prayer must continue in our lives regardless of our current circumstances and situation. We need to realize and accept that every person has ups and downs – we all have good days and bad days…

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Place a Priority on Prayer

Prayer is a very important aspect of a Christian’s life and should be a part of your every day. However, many people have questions about prayer and do not understand when, where, or how to pray…

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Prayer 101

First and foremost, we must pray according to HIS will! Unfortunately, many Christians are unskilled ‘prayers’. God could do so much more here on the earth if we, the body of Christ, would give Him the legal right…

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